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Soon after David York and Andrew Howell started their estate planning law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, they recognized how often they were seeing a disconnect between what mattered to their clients' families and how those families were managing their wealth. The realization was soon made that the families were preparing wealth for their children, but were not preparing their children to have wealth. Their clients knew how to gain wealth, but not how to be wealthy.

When David and Andrew looked at the families that were successful with their estate planning, they recognized a few consistencies. Together David and Andrew wrote a book, Entrusted and soon after David was tapped to give a Ted talk to discuss some of their philosophies. The premise of the book and the talk was simple, there were a couple of in-common consistencies for the families who were able to move their wealth forward successfully:

They knew who they were, understand their values, and they knew what they believed

They also prepared their children for wealth with all of this in mind

David R. York - TEDx Salt Lake City

In the hopes of helping clients start with purpose, David and Andrew took the time to develop a card game so the families could uncover and understand what they valued. The two realized that if values/purpose helps direct a family's goals then the family's culture gives those goals wind to move. Through the years they have expanded their systems even further. They now are able to help their clients determine their families core values, culture, priorities, as well as understand what obstacles are holding them back. David and Andrews systems truly clarify their client families' trajectories.

Today, we have evolved all these concepts into a reporting system that allows other estate planners and financial advisors to gather this information from their clients and help change their stories. Aristotle says that “Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom.” Corenology™ helps your clients be wise and use that wisdom to change their lives and the lives of future generations.