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COREnology™ Solution

COREnology™ is a simple and easy way to have conversations with your clients that provide a lasting impact. You will learn what your clients value and then be able to connect those values to how you provide a plan for the client.


More than one-third (39%) of Americans under 65 receive their financial advice online or from social media

Over one-fourth of Gen Z Americans receive their financial advice from social media

YouTube seems to be the most popular place for Gen Z (63%) and Millennials (71%) to discuss financial planning, while TikTok is gaining popularity with Gen Z (56%).

More than 60% of the respondents who receive their information online say they have acted on that advice

Atomik Research November, 2021

COREnology™ Solution

We help you understand your client in a personal way to that you have a DEEPER CONNECTION

of consumers report being more confused after they meet with an advisor than before

of clients ultimately chose to work with an advisor who gave them "complete attention, listened without interrupting, and built rapport"

of financial institutions stated that “understanding individual customer needs and local value propositions" was one of their main challenges in meeting customer expectations

of advisors want to learn how to integrate values and goals into overarching wealth management plans (only 32% have even attempted those conversations)

COREnology™ Solution

COREnology™ gives advisors the ability to help clients have meaningful conversations with their partners which can change the way they move forward together into the future and change the way they see you as an advisor.

Undirected and unintentional wealth is being transferred at historic rates by procrastinating parents, half of whom have no meaningful plan, and that wealth is going to unprepared heirs who have no idea what is going on when it comes to their parent's wealth. And, the financial professionals don't know what to do about it or how to help.

More than 70% of heirs are likely to fire or change financial advisors after inheriting their parents' wealth, according to Cerulli. (Note: A similar percentage of women change financial advisors after the death of their spouse). *RIA Intel, Millions of Clients and Billions of Dollars Are Falling Through a Wealth Transfer Crack, August 10, 2021

COREnology™ Solution

COREnology™ gives tools to the Financial Advisor so they can connect to the entire family... making transitioning unnecessary.

Of responders prefer a completely digital means of receiving and processing financial advice.

Almost 90% of mid-High Net Worth Investors (HNWI) with $10 million or more in personal wealth felt the advice provided to them by their advisor was too generic.

Over nine in ten respondents (91%) indicated the most important factor in selecting an advisor is finding one who "gets" them as a person.

This was followed by shared values and/or political leanings selected by seven in ten respondents.

Accenture 2021 Wealth Management Consumer Report

COREnology™ Solution

COREnology™ gives the Financial Advisor a way to individualize the process. It allows you to provide information that turns into meaningful conversations that direct the clients future and your ability to help plan with purpose.